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Women and Sheds : animation by Fin McMorran

9 stories from 9 women about their relationships with their sheds, voiced by the women themselves. And a response from one shed, explaining some of the complexities of life as a wooden garden building.

#1 I love my sheds
Amanda loves her cute sheds, in spite of falling off the roof of one

#2 Not just a big wilderness
Miki hopes to fix up a semi derelict allotment, with art
#3 Ned's shed
Pat's shed, where the birds gather in the sun, is a memorial to her brother
#4 Nice clean shed
Kath's ex laminated the shed floor, so it would be easier to clean; a tragic tale

#5 Room to Ruminate
Sometimes Josie sits and ruminates - and sometimes she just sits
#6 Garden full of sheds
Fin moves from shed installations, and 4 poster sheds, to a simple dream of lots of garden sheds

#7 Sanctuary
Julie's shed is a workshop and place to hide from her husband's demands for tea
#8 Endlessly faff about
Bev's shed is just somewhere to keep the mower, but the vegetable patch...


What would your 1 minute shed story be?

Would you like to record it for an animation?

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#9 My little place
Lesley's shed is wonky and has a mouse but it's hers 
#10 What sheds want
to be useful ... to be true to their nature ... to get into TV as a sci-fi set