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Current projects (that aren't animation...)
Painting. Drawing. Illustration. Comics. I think I don't care what the difference is any more.
It's about stories, communication, emotion. Telling interesting stories and hopefully making beautiful or interesting or challenging images that make people think and might bring them joy. And it's about the joy of making them.


Book Covers for poetry compilations by Nick Round. I was going to do them in glorious technicolour...


Illustrations for "The Real Tree" by Anna Round. A collaborative project


Shakespeare Comix. Adaptations from the short short animations. Experiments in layout and language


Stained glass windows. Is it art? is it craft? I dont care, its fun. This one's in the garden shed.


Some objects made of glass.... birds, random boats, seagulls, oh well yes and sheds. A good excuse to go beachcombing for the driftwood.

2002-2009 mostly - Interactive artworks

Subject of a PhD study,and an unholy alliance of art and computing. Fun, challenging, but a bit limiting in the end


It used to be all about paintings. Gesture, physicality, mess...cutting things up and fixing them together, big loud, red, annoying...

It used to be all about sheds.

Kind of still is.