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Shakespearean Woman: animations by Fin McMorran

Voiced by women from Out in the Garden (lesbian) drama group in Newcastle

Divers short commentaries upon the works of Shakespeare, from the perspectives of the women, mainly the MacBeth witches. In a monthly magazine format. Is witching a good career for girls? Can lack of sex actually make you mad? or male? and what's up with all that stabbing anyway?

Spot the anachronisms, confuse your A level teachers, and have fun dabbling in the affairs of men. Can also be enjoyed by boys. Volume 4 won the animation section at Shakespeare Film Festival 2017

"Political, provocative, and funny. There's a freedom and playfulness in this short animation that doesn't blur its sharp emotional intelligence. The style is apt, strong and cohesive. The voices are real and full, but it wears its arguments lightly. Here, brevity is the soul of wit, and in that sense it feels Shakespearean in spirit. Certainly confident and engaging with impressive expertise in the animation itself". Sir Kenneth Branagh . Coo, thanks

witch 1 (a mother)
witch 2 (a crone)
witch 3 (a maiden)
the other one (hecate)
trainee witch
St Wilgefortis
Lady MacBeth
we 3 meeting (again)

jobs for girls
"why do you let her read this stuff?"
"we're all really men, it's shakespeare"