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Life with Sheds: animation by Fin McMorran.

Narrated by Ronan Paterson

A documentary. Some startling revelations about the origins and evolution of sheds, their special relationship with humans and their ability to bend both time and space. Hear from Woody - a domestic garden shed - about his feelings on the interconnectedness of all things, the existential angst of inhabiting infinite space, and the annoying legginess of woodlice. Also features testimonials from other sheds, and exclusive footage of the Shed-u-Like beauty contest.

explore the special bond between human and shed,

its historic roots
its manifestations
and its variety

enjoy the guilty pleasure of the shed beauty contest

and hear how the sheds see themselves
their special skills
and adaptability

learn about the complex nature of sheds

and the power of STARS
- shed time and relative space -
to transcend dimensions

look inside the mind of the shed

and hear from woody himself about shed power
about legs
about longing

and the importance of belonging
through the worldwide shed network (wws)
connecting all sheds
and ultimately - everything