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I did my PhD in interactive Painting. Mostly, it was lots of fun to play with and tooth-grindingly hard to pro gramme. Mostly, I don't make interactive things any more. Im more interested in the Narrative, the pace and shape, and the drawing. so this is just an archive...

Lines 2009

A series of interactive pictures based on a horizon line between two colour fields, representing land and water, sky and earth, forground and background. The viewer can manipulate the line to grow plants, create water courses, make the sun rise, using simple click and drag actions
Choices 2008

A simple point-and-click interface invites you to make a series of branching choices on how to live - positively, negatively, extravagantly. If you don't like where your choices lead you, you can always rehearse a different life.

Passion 2007

This navigable space invites viewers to uncover layers of image and sound by 'wiping' the image, and moving the sweeping background to balance the sounds of fire, water and air, representing different passions. With sound.


The paths from the heart will appear as you begin to follow them with the mouse and your avatar. The loves you find (and the hearts you rescue or collect) will follow you around until you manage to shake them off...
This simple interactive maps the viewers attention onto the eye symbol and reveals layers of images the longer the viewer keeps looking and moving her gaze around.



This simple navigable space explores slow interaction and the potential of the computer monitor as a source of coloured light, which can be re-coloured by the viewer. It looks at a simple cycle of life, death and regeneration.

Faith is intended as an immersive piece with actions that unfold slowly and an immersive, trance-like soundtrack. The viewer is invited to contemplate some of the 21st century gods - and perform simple ritual actions as a 'sacrifice' of time and effort. With sound.

My World

Draw lines with the pencil,for the little people to walk along. Choose friends for them and take them to places to see how they behave, depending on who they are with. A navigable space with linear sections.

World 1 & 2

Simple point-and-click interactives. Select characters to see how their actions affect the people around them on these crowded planets.